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What does interpolated resolution mean
What does interpolated resolution mean


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What does interpolated mean? Evan Sears, Nov 02, 2004; 04:55 p.m. When something has an interpolated resolution of "whatever," what exactly does that mean,
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Разрешено· Публикаций: 18· Всего ответов: 17· Опубликовано 23.06.2006What does interpolation mean? Follow . 16 As you probably know a digital camera takes a photo with a resolution of a What does 8.0
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Разрешено· Публикаций: 3· Всего ответов: 2· Опубликовано 12.11.2007my camara says it hasa 12 mp max. resolution but only 3.1 effective pixels what does this mean a digital camera has interpolated resolution?
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Interpolation provides a means of estimating used in polynomial interpolation. It also does not of interpolation can be constructed Example· Interpolation via · Other forms of · Interpolation in What does resolution mean? - Перевести эту страницу of resolution. What does resolution mean? A resolution is a written motion adopted by a deliberative body.
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Разрешено· Публикаций: 5· Всего ответов: 4· Опубликовано 21.01.2010What does interpolated mean ? Scanner 3200 X 6400 DPI, 9600 DPI Manufacturers often list a scanner's interpolated resolution,
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My scanner has a resolution of 9,600x1,200 dpi interpolated resolution or something similar. What does that mean? but offer resolution up to 9600 dpi or more. So what does that mean? Resolutions greater than the optical rating are interpolated resolution Разрешено· Публикаций: 5· Всего ответов: 4· Опубликовано 09.05.2009 it would be actually better to shoot at the sensor's native resolution and does interpolated holds,does this means that 20.10.2004· stated in its specifications that it has 4 megapixel interpolated. may i ask what does that means? the actual native resolution was

interpolated what does resolution mean
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